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Expert RA Rating Agency is a Russian credit rating agency included in the register of credit rating agencies of the Bank of Russia. It is engaged in rating assignments, as well as research and communication activities. Expert RA's ratings, among other things, influence the admission of financial organizations (banks, insurers, pension funds) and issuers to certain types of activities
Рейтинговое аге́нтство «Эксперт РА» — российское кредитное рейтинговое агентство, включенное в реестр кредитных рейтинговых агентств Банка России. Занимается присвоением рейтингов, а также исследовательско-коммуникационной деятельностью. Рейтинговые оценки агентства «Эксперт РА», в том числе, влияют на допуск финансовых организаций (банков, страховщиков, пенсионных фондов) и эмитентов к тем или иным видам деятельности.
Рейтинговое агентство «Эксперт РА» — российское кредитное рейтинговое агентство, включенное в реестр кредитных рейтинговых агентств Банка России. Занимается присвоением рейтингов, а также исследовательско-коммуникационной деятельностью. Рейтинговые оценки агентства «Эксперт РА», в том числе, влияют на допуск финансовых организаций (банков, страховщиков, пенсионных фондов) и эмитентов к тем или иным видам деятельности.
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The Main Benefits of Our Accounting Service
  • Preparation of financial statements: RAS, IFRS
  • Reporting to supervisory authorities as required by law
  • Dealing with incoming and outgoing supporting documents
  • Entering data in 1С
Supporting Documents
Tax Assistance
  • Legitimate tax optimization
  • Support during tax audits and cooperation with tax authorities
HR Records
  • Payroll calculation
  • Calculation of personal income tax and insurance premiums
  • Preparing the necessary documentation and reporting
Management Accounting
  • Management and financial accounting
  • Administrative accounting
  • Budgeting
  • Formation of payment orders
  • Bank affairs
  • Control and certificate renewal, etc
Online Banking
Cooperation with Counterparties
  • Control of reciprocal payments with counterparties (reconciliation reports, supporting documents)
  • Financial and tax accounting
  • FEA, formal securities market: principles of tax and financial accounting
  • Assistance in collecting documents for obtaining a loan
Why Clients Choose Us?
We are ranked 3rd in the RAEX rating. The company is well-known in Russia for applying best-in-class, innovative and tailored approach to accounting services. We find individual way to optimize our clients' accounting.

29 years of expertise allows us to successfully implement our experience and remain one of the best Russian companies for comprehensive accounting services.

Services Overview
1. Preparation and submission to the tax authorities of the client's tax returns/advance payments for the following taxes:
• Income tax (quarterly);
• Tax (quarterly, including forming of sales and purchase books);
• Property tax (quarterly).
2. Preparing entries in 1C on the basis of primary documents provided
by the client in the following areas of business operations accounting:
• Accounting of incomes from sales of goods, works and services.
• Accounting for incurred expenses in the ordinary course of business.
• Record keeping of other incomes and expenses.
• Accounting for acquisition, withdrawal and depreciation of fixed assets.
Record-keeping of acquisition, withdrawal and amortization of intangible assets.
• Accounting of inventories. Accounting of settlements with budget and non-budgetary funds.
• Accounting of capital, profits and losses.
• Implementation of closing procedure of accounts.
• Accounting of other assets and liabilities, including settlements with customers, suppliers and contractors.
3. Accounting for settlements with accountable persons:
• Preparing advance reports according to the established sample based on the data provided by the client.
• Drawing up accounting entries in 1C.
4. Analysis of expenses reflected in the advance reports of employees of the client, and other payments to employees for personal income tax (PIT) purposes.
5. Quarterly generation of registers for accounting and taxation purposes.
6. Support of audits and tax inspections.
7. Keeping management accounting forms.

8. Calculation of wages (advance and base pay) in accordance with the current wage system.
9. Calculation with application of regional coefficients and northern allowances
10. Calculation of remuneration and payments under civil law contracts
11. Calculation of payments for lists of temporary incapacity for work, vacation payments, compensations for unused vacation after dismissal, severance pay, and other compensations, as provided for by the Russian Federation law
12. Calculation of personal income tax and insurance premiums
13. Preparation of individual checklists
14. Preparation and submission of pay-slips and registers for payroll payments by employees and types of accruals/holdings
15. Preparation of payment documents for the payment of other income, as well as for the transfer of taxes and fees
16. Preparation and filling in online-banking system of registers for all necessary payments (wages, other payments, taxes and fees from payroll)
17. Preparation and submission of necessary reporting forms to FSS, Pension Fund, FTAI, FOMS
18. Advising on issues related to the results of payroll calculations, representatives of the working group of the client
19. Inputting HR data into 1C: Payroll and HR Management
20. Preparation of documents on employment of employees
21. Drafting documents on dismissal of employees
22. Preparing orders for payment of bonuses
23. Preparation of documents on salary fluctuations
24. Preparation of documents on transfer to another position
25. Processing of changes in personal data on employees
26. Preparation of documents on annual paid vacations, unpaid vacations
27. Processing of certificates of incapacity for work
28. Preparation of orders for business trips

In-House Accountant vs IAS Outsourced Accounting
In-House Accountant
Not guaranteed
Cost efficiency
Financial liability
Technical expertise & Software
Requires salary, taxes and relevant software licenses
Not available
Can be interrupted (holidays, sick-leave, pregnancy, resignation etc.)
Not guaranteed
Individual service, constant in-house presence
IAS Outsourced Accounting
Team of experts who can solve any issues related to your accounting and consult you in other fields
Fixed price for an all inclusive accounting service
Insured professional liability up to 100 million RUB
Always available without holidays and sick-leaves. Providing necessary reports and support at any time
High standards of technical competence. We have all relevant, cutting-edge software and competent specialists who continue upgrading their skills
Individual service, personal accountant available 24/7 via certified and secure channels

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Full control of accounting
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Access to all your accounting data
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